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Writing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

standard operating procedureA standard operating procedure (SOP) is something I’ve been asked to communicate a number of times. Usually the SOP is already written, but needs further communicating as people don’t seem to be following what it says. It sometimes turns out that further communication is an issue, but not the only issue.

An SOP is supposed to achieve consistent results by consistency of action. It isn’t just about a prescribed process; it can also include a basis for assessment such as a decision tree. The whole SOP should work as a flowchart with identifiable stages, logical procedures, and clear rationale for decision points.

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Writing persuasive scripts and copy

writingThere are a few simple rhetorical devices that I have found really useful for persuasive writing. When you write a script for a video or presentation, or produce copy for a communication, it really helps to start with some sort of guide to structure the form of your content. By using some of these tried and tested rhetorical themes you can help your writing be more engaging and more persuasive.

There are a number of theories, from Aristotle to Derrida, why particular language forms work well in particular cultures. What is certain is that these devices have stood the test of time, from ancient Greek and Latin discourse to American presidential speeches, they can add power to your language. Continue Reading