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5 reasons to deliver training through a LMS or VLE

LMS pageMost people would accept that some aspect of their training is suitable for on-line delivery, but it can take another step to see the full benefits of a learning management system (LMS) or virtual learning environment (VLE). What are the benefits of using an LMS such as Moodle, Canvas, or TalentLMS over a standard website, or other electronic delivery?

An LMS will not only contain the training, but will also handle enrolment, scheduling, learning goals, set and assess competencies… the list goes on. Course content can be simple to include and devolved to subject specialists, and you just need someone to take on site administration responsibilities to deal with the logistics.

Here are my top 5 reasons for investing in an LMS:

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Training versus Learning


I have noticed a number of corporate training teams are renamed to ‘learning development’. Is this more than just a name change? And what difference could there be?

Traditional Training

Training was a trainer going around an organisation arranging sessions where people would give up part of their work day to attend. That might have been the end of the process, but most training programmes would include some sort of site visit assessment at a later date to see how well the training has been implemented. Does this model still work?

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Good versus bad scenarios in organisational training

learning training

Behaviour training is very common for customer interactions, health and safety, or many procedure based activities. When I moved from education to business and organisational communications, I was surprised how common presenting ‘bad’ behaviours followed by the required ‘good’ behaviours was in training materials.

Only occasionally does bad v. good occur in education. Would you expect a maths teacher to spend a lot of time showing you the wrong way to arrive at a solution, before showing you the right way? Would you expect a science teacher to show you the wrong chemistry procedure, before showing you the right one? Probably not, so why is there a difference in organisational training?

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