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Is about practical communication. There are publications and people out there with great insight and strategy, but exactly how you turn this into something practical is not always clear. With over a decade in education and another decade in producing communication and training for commercial and public organisations, I’d like to concentrate on connecting strategy to things you can put into practise.  The use of an ‘s’ in organisations hints at my location in the UK.

Practical for me has two particular aspects: The timely and logistical production processes that we use to create the communications we send around organisations; and the content and delivery that engages, persuades and informs.  Both of these aspects need to work to produce communication that actually communicates.

Organisations are made of people, and people are social and psychological: The best way of managing people and communication is not always what seems the ‘common sense’ way. The tone of a communication and the manner of delivery can have as much effect on an audience as the content, if not more. Good content can still be delivered badly, and this means wasted effort, time and budget. Usually a bit more consideration of who the audience is and their attributes  will repay the time spent many times over.

Why LeafMargin.com?

I liked the idea of it referring to natural plant leaf and a leaf of paper. Back in the days of paper, illuminating insights about the main text could be found in the margin. Wish my handwriting looked like Issac Newton’s notes in the example above.

I’m very much a team player… but this website is all me, and is not connected with any person or organisation I have worked with or for. It is all my own personal comment.

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